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Shireen was born in South Africa and started dancing at the age of five.

She attended the Pro-arte School in Pretoria after which she studied at the Pretoria Technicon where she obtained a diploma specialising in Dance Teaching before choosing to dance professionally for the PACT Ballet company one of South Africa's leading dance companies.

In 1995 she gained her Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certificate, with distinction, and was made an associate of the South African Dance Teachers Association. In the same year she also studied part time and attained a certificate in the Vaganova Russian Ballet system.

Shireen says "I have always been extremely fortunate to be trained by excellent teachers, and my aim as a dance teacher would be to pass on to my pupils the same knowledge and inspiration that my teachers passed on to me.

I hope to instill a love and appreciation for dance in my pupils, not all children have the talent or aspiration to become dancers or teachers themselves, but my hope is that those of my pupils who do not choose a dance related career would have developed a love for dance to at least always remain dance enthusiasts, after all an enthusiastic audience is as important to the success of a performance as a skilled performer is."

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STUDIO: 14 Roxanne Place, Poike, Tauranga NZ
Tel 07 544 2900